Michelin – Road Cycling & MTB Tires

In response to the needs of today’s cyclists at a time when road bicycles are becoming increasingly versatile, Michelin is poised to introduce its latest, almost entirely-renewed, streamlined, comprehensive and affordable MICHELIN POWER range in 2020. Designed to address the different ways people go cycling, from recreational cyclists, to passionate fans and competitors, it features five distinct tire lines and eight different products (with and/or without innertubes) that combine innovation with very high performance.

The Michelin bicycle tire line is the range’s core range and has been conceived to meet the demand of sports and touring cyclists alike. In addition to covering some 80 percent of their needs, it is rider-friendly and combines energy efficiency with outstanding grip on wet roads for superior safety, effective crown- and side wall protection for longer tire life and excellent energy efficiency. It outclasses its chief competitors in the first two of these areas to stand out as a benchmark for exacting cyclists.