SRM Power – Road & MTB Cycling Power Meter

At SRM, the integrity of your training data is our life’s work. The SRM measures the force coming from the legs of a rider with strain gauges mounted inside the spider of the crank set. The spider design allows for a stiff measuring platform, translating to stable and consistent data without the need for recalibration. Every SRM PowerMeter has been designed for drivetrain integration which blends the technology and aesthetics of crank manufacturers to the precise measuring capabilities of a true scientific torque sensor.

Accuracy is meaningless if the measuring device isn’t durable enough for the environment in which it will be used. The SRM Spider design is engineered to be completely sealed from outside elements such as rain, snow, mud, sand, and event bike washes with harsh degreasers! Road, Mountain, Triathlon, BMX or Track. If you aim to improve your cycling performance, then we have a PowerMeter to fit your bike and drivetrain!